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Regardless of the job you are applying for, a permanent job or a temporary job, a dental office interview is an important, yet nerve-wracking step. It's also worth noting that to work in the dental field, it is essential to have certain specific skills and qualities.

In order to be well prepared for your job interviewWhether it's a phone, online or face-to-face interview, find out the most frequently asked interview questions.

What to know before a job interview in a dental clinic

In the dental job marketthere are many professions in dental health with their own requirements and skills. Employment opportunities vary depending on your education and work experience. That's why practicing answers to frequently asked questions is a good way to build your confidence. Making a good first impression is a great way to stand out. The owner of the dental clinic needs to feel that you will be an asset to their team.

Demonstrate your confidence in your abilities is the first step to landing your dream job. However, interviews are not limited to the employer's questions. You too, in turn, will have to ask the dentist questions. It's a way to demonstrate your interest in the job and determine if this dental center is right for you. In this article, we prepare you not only to answer the questions, but also to prepare your own.

Is it important to prepare for an office interview?

The short answer is yes, always. It doesn't matter what the job is, good preparation for the interview is a definite advantage. By preparing for multiple questions, you increase your confidence and can focus on the more complex aspects of the hiring process.

For example, by putting the skills and your experience previous practices in your answers. This highlights your interest in the job, your personality and your professionalism. It is also important to show your last experience as a positive experience in order to showcase yourself, especially if it was a laboratory experiment.

What to expect from a dental office interview?

In addition to preparing for the questions, be prepared to demonstrate your skills. For example, for a job as a dental assistantthe dental surgeon needs a person who is familiar with the tools and knows how to handle them. To do so, the latter may ask you to organize a workspace according to a specific operation. For example, a dental extraction. You will have to demonstrate that you know how to receive and provide excellent patient care.

The most frequently asked questions during a dental health job interview

Two women conducting a job interview.

What interests you in this job and why choose our company?

Here is the content of the interviews that you should be prepared for this specific interview in a dental office and your next exchanges.

  • Tell an anecdote or story that explains your motivations and career goals.
  • Talk about your work experience or education if this is your first dental office interview.
  • Show your enthusiasm.
  • Research the company and talk about their philosophy, what you like about their corporate culture, if it is a growing company...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In this situation, it is necessary to put yourself in the shoes of the recruiting dentist. Indeed, dentist-owners appreciate the stability of their practiceand are therefore looking for long-term partners. In this case, and if it is reciprocal on your side too, mention your interest in a long-term collaboration. This will put you in front of your dental office interview.

How are you doing with dental software?

Here it will be important to present the software that you master as well as to describe them. These softwares can be appointment softwares, invoicing softwares, or softwares more focused on home automation like Excel or Word.

Then present what you know how to do on these softwares as well as your achievements, potentially in agreement withc the job description and the recruiter's expectations. Finally, feel free to bounce around the software needed for this position.

How do you manage a difficult patient?

The primary quality in this situation is empathy, and your response should be centered around this soft skill. For example, you should not blame the patient, the team members or the dental center. It is also important to let the dentist and the patient know that remaining calm is the priority in this situation. Finally, explain the process for calming the patient and mention that you understand the importance of completing the procedures.

Job interview: questions to ask the recruiter

Do you have a question for the employer? Don't hesitate to ask. Employers like to receive questions because it shows your interest in their job.

Also, be sure to listen carefully to their answer, as it will determine whether or not you are a good fit for the job. No question is irrelevant in a job search.

Here are some examples of questions to ask the recruiter during your dental office interview.

  • What do you like best or, alternatively, what sets this practice apart from other dental practices?
  • Request more information on new employee training.
  • What changes are planned, both in terms of dental care technology and software to be used?
  • Ask questions about salary, salary range, benefits, company culture and opportunities for advancement within the company.

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