Denturist in finishing function to illustrate the difference between dentist and denturist
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Did you know that a dentist and a denturist perform completely different functions? In fact, although both jobs are in the dental field, they do not do not require the same training and the same skills.

So, who should you meet and how do you choose your professional? It all depends on what you need in dental health. It is important to note, however, that the dentist is the professional who can practice dentistry and the treatment of disease.

The employment of a denturist is a complementary dental discipline who provide oral appliances. There are also specialist dentists such as dental surgeons who perform dental surgery.

We invite you to discover all there is to know about the job of a dentist and the job of a denturist. Learn about the role of a dentist, what a denturist does, and the key differences between a dentist and a denturist in our comprehensive guide to the subject.

What is the difference between a dentist and a denturist?

The main difference between a dentist and a denturist is that the dentist is the only one who practices dental medicine. He is the one you should see for any dental health problem. As for the denturist, he specializes in prostheses and oral appliances.

What is a dentist?

A dentist is the doctor of your mouth. He or she is the dental health professional who is able to do a complete examination of your mouth, teeth and tissues.

To become a dentist, you must complete a 4 to 5 year university doctorate in dentistry. This training is offered in 3 universities in Quebec, namelyUniversity of Montreal, l'McGill University and theLaval University.

A majority of dentists then choose to specialize in different areas of dentistry, such as maxillofacial surgery, dental hygiene, oral medicine and radiology.

The length of the specialization varies depending on the type of specialization. For example, the specialization in maxillofacial surgery has a longer duration because it requires a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Not to be confused, a denturist is not a dentist with a specialization in denturology.

Finally, to be recognized as a dentist in Quebec, you must have a valid permit issued by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec (ODQ). A dental student must therefore pass an examination with theOrder of Dentists of Quebec to receive this permit.

What is the role of the dentist?

The role of the dentist is to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases, infections and abnormalities of the oral cavity and dentition. In a dental clinic, the dentist also supervises dental assistants, hygienists and other employees. The dentist may also work with a denturist if he or she needs the latter's expertise for oral appliances.

It is also the dentist who informs you on the best way to brush your teeth and maintain your oral health. As a general rule, if you have tooth pain, it is the dentist who should be consulted.

What is the dentist's job?

A dentist's work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Routine dental health examinations;
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth and restoration of damaged teeth;
  • The implementation of a treatment plan for infections, diseases and oral anomalies, sometimes supported by a denturist;
  • Dental radiography;
  • Tooth whitening;
  • Placement of dental implants or crowns.

Denturist in finishing function to illustrate the difference between dentist and denturist

What is the definition of a denturist?

By definition, the role of the denturologist revolves around dental prostheses (fabrication, fitting, adjustment). He is a specialist in dental prostheses. It is therefore a complementary job to the work of a dentist and his expertise is in demand for the design of custom-made prostheses.

To become a denturologist in Quebec, you must complete a technique in denturology (3 years) at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit. This training also includes a technical internship in a recognized denturist clinic.

Therefore, it is not no need for a university education to become a denturist.

When the student graduates, he or she must then register with the Ordre des denturologistes du Québec to obtain a permit.

What does a Denturist do and what is their job?

The work of a denturist focuses on everything that has to do with Dental prostheses and appliances. If you need a custom-made prosthesis or mouthguards, the denturist is the one to consult.

There are many types of dental prostheses, such as implant-supported dental prostheses, removable prostheses, partial or complete. It is also him who will determine the type of prosthesis you need after a denturological examination. He will examine the size of your teeth to design a denture that is adapted to your needs.

If you have a problem with clenching of the teeth, he is also the one behind the design of mouthguards. A denturist also designs anti-snoring dentures. You can therefore consult a denturist if you have a significant snoring problem. Visit a sample CV for a dental technician.

In addition to the fabrication of dental prostheses, the denturist also deals with :

  • Take x-rays, impressions of teeth, gums and jaws;
  • Fitting dental appliances adapted to the needs of the patients;
  • Adjustment of removable and fixed dental prostheses;
  • Repair oral appliances.

The denturologist is also sometimes asked to share his expertise in implantology.

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