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Employment Dental secretary in Sherbrooke

If you think family is important,
if you like people and hear their crazy stories,
if you are curious about dentistry and the procedures amaze you,
if you have a sense of humor, but know how to remain professional
if you like to keep your workspace clean and organized,
if you are a trained secretary,
if you like to learn procedures, even if they are different from what you know sometimes
and if learning new tasks doesn't scare you,
then this job is for you.


I am a solo dentist at the moment in a small 5 room clinic and I practice just about everything in the dental field: Operative dentistry, treatment of children, but without sedation, molar endodonties, crowns/bridges/complete reconstructions, prostheses, wisdom teeth, gum surgeries, reconstructive surgeries and implantology.

I have a secretary who is changing jobs so I need an experienced secretary to replace him.

3 to 5 days/week depending on your needs. We currently work Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and sometimes Wednesdays. I also work Wednesdays and Thursdays in another clinic. My goal is to only work 4 days in my clinic.

There is a list of 800 reminders to do + the current turnover. I need someone who will understand and reassemble this little challenge.

Interesting salary that will depend on your years of experience and the training I have to give you.

Oh yes: no evenings, no weekends. I have a small family of 3 children and I want to be there for them.

Details of the job offer Dental secretary in Sherbrooke

Year(s) of experience required: 5 years old+.
Qualifications and assets:

Know the basics of dental software in general
Know the basics of dental ethics in Quebec (refer to the code of ethics for dentists at the odq)

Full schedule:

Monday : Rooms in operation

Tuesday: Rooms in operation

Wednesday and Thursday: Reminders

Friday : Rooms in operation

Overflow treatments are done on Wednesdays.

Social benefits:
  • 4 to 6 weeks of vacation
  • Reserved parking
  • Paid uniforms
  • 1 hour paid meal
Date of commencement of employment:
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