A dental assistant giving a tool to the dentist for a dental examination on a patient
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Wondering why becoming a dental assistant is a good opportunity? Like any career choice, it is important to weigh the pros and cons to determine if the job is right for you.

To determine if this is a job you are likely to succeed in, here is our complete guide to the benefits of profession of dental assistant in Quebec. Learn more about this high demand career to determine if you have the right profile to apply.

Why become a dental assistant: learn more about this profession

A dentist and his dental assistant performing an examination on a patient

Dental assistants work mainly in private dental centers or public clinics. In this profession, these professionals work closely with a dentist or dental surgeon and many other medical and surgical specialists such as denturologists, dental technicians and other specialists in implantology and dental prosthesis.

Their main responsibilities are to assistance from the dentist during dental procedures and perform administrative and practice management tasks.

  • Welcome patients, set up patients and prepare for the meeting with the dentist.
  • Cleaning and sterilization of instruments and preparation of the dentist's work area.
  • Provide the operative assistance that dentists need during patient procedures.
  • Follow up and make appointments with patients.
  • Update dental patient records and provide education on best oral hygiene techniques.
  • Performs various laboratory tasks and assists with x-ray imaging.

What are the benefits of a dental assistant job?

A dental assistant holding a light to assist the dentist during an oral examination on a patient

Why become a dental assistant in Quebec? The job of a dental assistant is one of the best jobs in the dental field for many reasons. If you want to find a job in the field of dental healthHere's what to expect from a career as a dental assistant.

1. Why become a dental assistant: placement rates and prospects

The prospects for a career in dental assisting are constantly changing. Demand is outstripping supply and with the aging population, the outlook couldn't be brighter. We can thus expect an increase in the need for dental health professionals to meet this growing demand.

With a investment rate high and continues to grow, it is time to prepare your dental assistant job interview if it is an interesting job for you.

In addition, this career is often a springboard for the dental field. If you like this position, you may decide to upgrade to becoming a dental hygienist. So there is an interesting opportunity for advancement!

2. A short training course

Why become a dental assistant? This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially if the idea of learning a lot of dental theory worries you. But how to become a dental assistant? Rest assured, the answer is simpler than it seems.

Indeed, the dental assistant training is relatively short. It is a program of 13 months of professional training full time and 4 internships of 2 to 4 weeks.

It's never too late to find your dream career. Thanks to a diploma of professional studiesDental assistants are an attractive option for people of all ages.

3. Why become a dental assistant: salary and stability

The average salary of a dental assistant in Quebec isapproximately 21 $ per hour. It is also easy to place yourself in this field, thus ensuring your job stability.

4. Varied tasks in the daily life of dental assistants

Being a dental assistant means that you will have a variety of duties within the dental office. You'll move from secretarial duties to basic oral care, so you'll be expected to take on challenges and learn new things every day. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding job in the dental field, a career as an assistant is perfect for you.

5. Why become a dental assistant: a clean and pleasant work environment

There are many benefits to choosing a career in dental assisting besides the salary and job stability. For example, if you like teamwork and human contact, being a dental assistant is a good option. Every day, you will work with people from different walks of life in a peaceful, hygienic and pleasant place.

In addition, private practices often operate on various scheduleswhich opens doors to more flexible schedules.

Get a job as a dental assistant with Carrière Dentaire

A dentist performing an examination on a patient

Are you an assistant looking for a job? Do not hesitate to contact us submit your applicationCarrière Dentaire is the ideal platform where to search for jobs in the dental field in Quebec.

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