The best jobs in the dental field
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How well do you know the jobs in the dental field? This industry is always looking for candidates. If you are looking for stability, challenge and enjoy the human touch, a career in dental health could be the answer you have been waiting for.

Carrière Dentaire is a platform that specializes in connecting dental professionals in the search for a dental job and dental offices in the search for candidates.

We are therefore in a good position to tell you about the dental professions in Quebec. Our team invites you to discover 3 of the best jobs in dentistry and why a career in the dental field is advantageous.

The main advantages of jobs in the dental field

Job in the dental field

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field. Due to the aging of the population, it is one of the sectors of activity with one of the best investment rates in Quebec.

In addition to these fantastic statistics of job prospects, stability, average salary and flexibility are other undeniable benefits. Dentistry is also a rewarding job that allows you to grow as a person. Since this is a constantly evolving field, you will regularly learn new skills and be challenged to excel on a daily basis.

In addition, the field of dentistry is vast and encompasses many different types of jobs. If you're worried about studying dentistry, don't be. There are other positions available, such as the job of a dental secretarywho have all these advantages without requiring several years of training.

What are the 3 dental jobs to watch for?

Dental employment opportunities are not limited to the position of dental surgeon. In fact, there are numerous employment opportunities for those who wish to invest in a career in the field of oral health.

Learn more about 3 of these jobs from our Quebec dental experts.

Dental secretary: one of the best jobs in the dental field in Quebec

Dental secretary in Quebec

The dental secretary has a prominent position in the dental office. In addition to welcoming clients and being the first face of the firm, she plays an important role in the firm. Her work is as much administrative as social. She must therefore have certain skills and qualifications to do your job well. Here are some of them:

  • Complete a vocational training attestation or a study program in dental secretarial work (DEP in secretarial work recommended)
  • Management and administrative skills
  • Entregent, social and communication
  • Strong organizational skills

Dental secretaries have a placement rate of nearly 90 %, sometimes even justifying a job before the end of the professional training.

The job of a dental hygienist or assistant

Dental assistant jobs

A career in dental care is a rewarding profession. Whether you work in a public health department or a private practice, your job has a positive impact on people's lives.

As a as a dental hygienist or dental assistant, your work consists of:

  • Supporting dentists in their daily operations, such as dental examinations or surgical procedures such as tooth extraction
  • Working with a public of all ages with various dental conditions
  • Contribute to the maintenance of good oral health of patients
  • Develop excellent manual dexterity and your knowledge of new technologies in your daily life through the use of specific tools or devices

Unlike the general dentist, the job of a dental assistant requires a shorter educational path and training. All you need is a vocational diploma (DVS) in dental assisting and the skills to succeed in this profession.

Careers in the dental field: the denturist or the dental prosthesist

Dental technician job

Unlike the dentist who is a generalistthe job of a denturist is that of a dental professional responsible for dental prostheses. His work consists of:

  • Collaborate with dentists to design patient-friendly dental appliances;
  • Take x-rays, impressions of teeth, gums and jaw
  • Analyze and measure the size and shape to create a unique denture
  • Place, adjust and repair dentures

Pursue a career in one of the top dental professions with Dental Career

Do not hesitate to use ourjob posting or job search to find the candidate or job of your dreams. Carrière Dentaire is proud to be at the service of dental professionals in Quebec.

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