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An original cover letter for dental hygienists is a good way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. This is your first impression, and your way of demonstrating your originality and precision.

Although the job of a dental hygienist is different from the job of a dentistAs a dental hygienist, you are often called upon to provide basic oral care. It is therefore a job that requires accuracy, responsibility, teamwork and human resource skills. Your letter of representation must therefore be in line with this.

Why write a cover letter?

To get a job in private clinics, health or educational institutions, submit your CV is a good thing. However, attaching a cover letter for a dental hygienist gives an undeniable added value to your application. It is also a proof of your interest in the job offered.

As specialists in the dental field in Quebec, our mission is to help you land the job that interests you. Discover now the best writing methods to write an original and interesting dental hygienist cover letter.

Steps to writing a cover letter for a dental hygienist

Although the letter is not mandatory and is rarely requested, an employer may ask for it. If this is the case for the position you are interested in, use it for yourself distinguish from other candidates and put you at the head of the line. Otherwise, some studies suggest that lengthening the resume is not beneficial and the letter will probably not be read.

Here are the steps for writing a good cover letter.

Step 1: Customize your cover letter

Don't make the mistake of submitting the same cover letter for different dental hygienist jobs. Take the time to visit the website of your future employer. Learn more about the team so you can write a letter tailored to the company you are interested in.

Your research will demonstrate your interest to the employer and increase your chances of getting the job.

Step 2: Avoid summarizing the information on your resume

When writing your cover letter, consider it to be an addition to your CVand not a continuation of it. Don't unnecessarily repeat the information you already have in your resume, but highlight your professional experience.

Do not mention again your dental hygiene training if they are easy to find in your resume. Instead, talk about your professional background, your personal qualities and skills and what you can bring to the dental clinic.

Step 3: Be specific but still be yourself

Also, be specific. Address the recruiter directly, if you have access to that information. Start your essay with a "Hello Mrs./Mr. Langevin". This more intimate touch will demonstrate your interest in joining the team.

Your letter doit également refléter votre personnalité. If you are a dynamic and laughing person, use humor to introduce yourself. If you are a bit more serious, a professional and organized tone will represent you much better. The important thing is to show who you are and why you are interested in this internship or job offer.

Our tips for writing an interesting dental hygienist cover letter

Now that the writing guidelines have been established, here are our tips for making your letter interesting to recruiters.

Tip #1: Pay attention to your wording and spelling

We can't say it enough: proofread your application! Spelling mistakes and poor wording will discourage employers from considering your application. A clear and neat cover letter denotes your thoroughness and precision. Make sure it is presentable! We also recommend using a font that is easy to read.

To help you, don't hesitate to use a word processing or editing program.

Tip #2: Put your skills to work

Emphasizing your skills is another way to set yourself apart. Skills in demand for a dental hygienist job are:

  • Precision and rigor
  • Human resources capacity
  • Ability to work in a team
  • A good sense of responsibility

Tip #3: Choose an active rather than passive tone

When writing your letter, use an active tone. List your skills with action words such as :

  • Problem solving skills
  • Sense of initiative
  • Keen interest in science and the dental community
  • Good vision and excellent manual dexterity

These keywords show that you are a motivated and hard-working person, an undeniable asset for recruiters.

Beware of cover letter templates found online

One of the most common mistakes with online cover letters is that candidates just fill in the blanks. These sample cover letters are the inspiration, not the end result.

Use a template for inspiration, but transform it to make it your own. Employers are not not interested in generic letters and tasteless. Show your originality and highlight your personal qualities, this is the most important thing for the cover letter.

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Need help with your dental hygienist cover letter?

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