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A dental prosthetic technician position is a much different job offer than a dentist. A prosthodontist is a technician in prosthetics and dental appliances. 

He is therefore an oral health professional in the same way as a dentist. However, his work focuses on manufacture and repair of prostheses with a prescription from a dentist, denturist or physician. 

Unlike a denturologist, a dental technician does not work directly with patients. His work consists mainly of collaborating and advising dentists, denturologists and physicians in order to design oral appliances that meet the needs of patients.

Among the prostheses on which a dental technician works, you will find :

  • Complete and removable ;
  • Partial and removable ;
  • Fixed, such as crowns and bridges, root pins, veneers and inlays;
  • On implants (crowns, bridges and removable prostheses) ;

The prosthodontist may also be required to work on orthodontic appliances.

To become a dental technician, you must complete a DEC in dental prosthesis technique of 3 years. This short course is offered at Cégep Édouard-Montpetit and there is no quota for the program.

The Denture Technician Training Program does not include an internship in a private laboratory. However, during the last year of study, the student will be required to work on real cases. The Cegep collaborates with a dentist and the student will have access to the Cegep's dental office, which is open to the public.

To practice the profession, you must register and become a member of theOrdre des technologues en prothèses et appareils dentaires du Québec (OTPADQ).

A dental technician will have job offers in the :
  • Commercial dental laboratories;
  • Hospitals, dental clinics, dental or orthodontic centers;
  • University dental faculties;
  • A government agency;
  • A dental manufacturing company.


The average annual salary of a dental technician in Canada :
Low Medium High
Hourly wage 23,63$/hour 28,12$/hour 31,76$/hour
Annual salary 38 025 $ 47 249 $ 53 362 $


As for the job prospects of a dental technician, job openings in the field are growing. The aging of the population ensures stable growth and a growing need for of prosthetic and dental appliance technologists. Therefore, the prospects in the field are considered excellent. You'll find a permanent position in no time. Find out about the employment opportunities and training for dental hygienists. In 2016, the placement rate also reached 100 %, demonstrating that there is still room for new graduates within companies. For questions about dental technician jobs or a job opening, contact us. Our dental specialists will be happy to help you find the job of your dreams.

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