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Are you ready for your dental assistant job interview? Working in the health care field, whether in a private or public clinic, is a job that requires many specific skills.

Carrière Dentaire is a platform specialized in the dental field in Quebec. We are pleased to offer you our advice for Prepare well for your interview. Find out here the most frequently asked questions for the dental assistant position and how to prepare for your job interview.

What do I need to know before a dental assistant job interview?

Before informing you about the frequently asked questions, we believe it is important to understand what is the job of a dental assistant. Mastering the subject will allow you to offer clear and precise answers to your potential employer and will demonstrate your interest in their job offer.

The technical skills of a good dental assistant

The first thing to know is that dental practices cannot function without reliable and organized dental assistants. In addition to reliability and organization, here are a few other skills needed for a dental assistant job.

  • Interpersonal skills and sociability: The dental assistant always works in contact with other people such as patients or members of the dental clinic team.
  • Manual work and attention to detail: a dental assistant is often required to perform minor operations to assist the dentist. To use the tools, you must have good dexterity and be meticulous.
  • Organizational skills and interest in dental hygiene

Demonstrate your skills in a dental assistant job interview

During your recruitment interview, you may be asked to demonstrate your skills in addition to answering general questions.

To test your knowledge and experience, the dentist may ask you to set up a workspace for a specific appointment, such as a tooth extraction. It will be your responsibility to demonstrate your ability to organize tools and space to receive the patient and prepare the room for the dental surgeon.

Frequently asked questions from a dental assistant job interview

Recruitment in the field ofdental assistance is not as simple as it sounds. However, if you are called for an interview, it is probably because your Dental assistant resume or your cover letter have left a good impression. Now it's your turn to demonstrate your knowledge and the added value you can bring to the recruiting dental center.

Now here are the qumaintenance optionsn frequently asked questions and some useful tips for answering them.

Why did you choose to become a dental assistant?

Show your interest by telling your story a story or anecdote that influenced your career choice. Also, talk about the tasks you enjoy or your skills related to being a dental assistant and most importantly, sound enthusiastic.

Talking about your experience during a dental assistant job interview

  • Describe your previous jobs, your role in the firm and what you liked about the job
  • If this is your first job, talk about the education you received and the internship you took
  • If you have experience working in the public sector, mention it

Your experience with dental software?

  • Describe any dental software that you are familiar with and proficient in, such as appointment, billing, and electronic health record software.
  • Also mention software that is not specific to the dental field such as Microsoft Office, Excel, etc.
  • Demonstrate your interest in software and learning it.

How do you deal with a patient who is nervous, angry or uncooperative?

Don't blame the patient, your team members or the practice. Let the dentist know that staying calm is the most important thing. Then inform them that you are able to reassure patients and that you understand the importance of completing dental procedures.

Your experience in radiology

Talk about your education and reassure the dentist that you know the techniques, tools and safety protocols.

Why do you want to work for our firm?

Remember that a dental assistant job interview is your first impression. The dentist wants to know if you are compatible with the team and if your presence will be beneficial to him.

So take the time to research the practice before your interview. Browse their website, look at Google reviews of patients, learn as much as you can.

Answer this question with confidence, enthusiasm and interest. Also talk about the fact that you are at the search for a denta jobire in the long term. Also, mention what you like about their practice and philosophy.

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