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Interested in learning more about studying dentistry in Canada? The Dental Career Blog is the place to find out relevant information about the educational pathways of the various dental professions and which dental degree may be right for you.

The selection criteria vary from institution to institution and program to program. For example, university medical studies to practice the profession of dentist are different from those of a dental hygienist or denturist.

If you're still undecided about your future career in dentistry, this comprehensive guide will certainly help you decide which medical school to attend. Learn all about the world of dental school, the different dental degrees, and the jobs that come with it.

How do I get into dentistry?

Interested in beginning your admission process to a dental program? You should know that, like general medicineA course of study in dental care in Canada is divided into three cycles.

Study of dentistry in Canada: 1st and 2nd cycle

Undergraduate and graduate studies are 2 years in length and include several fields of study such as science, biology, chemistryas well as many other options.

In addition to the theoretical aspect, the course for dental students includes a practical training through internships in a dental office or hospital setting, which can help define a career choice.

Postgraduate Dentistry in Canada

The 3rd cycle allows students togo beyond general practice and thus specialize in one of the dental professions. These are the last years of study in the curriculum, and are the main pathway for those who wish to become orthodontists or obtain a degree in dental surgery.

Dentistry: how many years of study?

Want to learn how to become a dentist quickly? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to becoming a dentist in Canada. The minimum education requirements for dentistry in Canada are between 4 and 6 years old depending on your profession. Therefore, there is no 1500 hour college or vocational diploma to shorten your course.

For quickly find a job in dental health, without going to university, consider instead a job as a dental hygienistor a dental assistant position or even a dental secretary.

Dental Medicine and Admission: Prerequisites

The procedure for admission to studies varies from one institution and program to another. We therefore invite you to check the admission criteria of your educational institution, because it is a quota program.

Admission requirements for dental studies in Canada

A student wishing to pursue dental studies in Canada must have completed post-secondary education or college (2 years) as well as courses in mathematics and basic sciences (physics, biology or chemistry). Because resources and facilities are limited, only applicants with outstanding academic records and performance ratings (average R-rating) are admitted.

Dental Aptitude Test

Another general prerequisite is the dental school aptitude test (TAED). If you wish to pursue a career in dentistry, you will need to take this test. This test is offered in English and French and is used for assessment purposes for your admission student in a dental program in Canada.

Biography, cover letter and letters of recommendation

In addition to academic background and DAT, applicants also have the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the selection process. Applicants are encouraged to submit a biography, cover letter or letters of recommendation with their applications to encourage the admissions committee to make a positive decision. This process also provides an opportunity to assess the interpersonal skills of applicants.

How much does it cost to study dentistry in Canada?

Two dentists working after their dental studies in Canada

The world of dental health is not limited to the general dental profession. It is in fact a vast environment offering a good variety of jobs with different levels of education. For example, the dental assisting training is shorter. It is therefore less expensive than university dental studies.

The dental assistant job is then a good choice for those who wish to take up a job in the dental health sector quickly and cheaply.

It is difficult to put a price tag on studying dentistry in Canada, as admission fees vary depending on the program of study and the institution. However, there are several scholarship programs available to assist students.

How do I become a dentist in Canada?

Wondering which institution to choose and what specialty to take to pursue a career in dentistry? In Canada, there are many institutions to study dental care. Here is our recommendation for studying in Quebec.

Which institution to choose?

The Université de Montréal is recognized as one of the best institutions for dental studies in Canada. It is also the largest French-language educational institution. Each year, the Université de Montréal welcomes a large number of French-speaking candidates to its faculty of dentistry.

UdeM is also respected worldwide for the quality and effectiveness of its graduate dental academics. It offers the Master's, Bachelor's and Doctor of Dental Medicine programs in various disciplines.

You can also pursue a doctoral program in dentistry at Laval University or McGill University. This university is known as one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. McGill has an impeccable reputation thanks to more than 50 research centers and institutes.

How do I choose a dental program in Canada?

From the first years of dental school in Canada (undergraduate and postgraduate dental education), you will develop an adequate knowledge of the oral health environment.

You will also develop your manual dexterity through different workshops. You can easily decide to stay in general practice or to take additional training to specialize.

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