Frequently asked questions - Dental clinics

You get unlimited access to the candidates bank when you post a job listing.

Access is only valid for the duration of your posting.

Our short term replacement platform is now available.

Carrière Dentaire is not a conventional employment agency but a dental job board.

The display service is fully self-service.

We screen every application we receive. Whether it is via Carrière dentaire, Facebook, emploi Québec, etc.

An application may be rejected for several reasons:

  • The candidate's professional experience and training is not related to the dental field. (Ex: waitress in a pizza shop for a dental hygienist position, receptionist in a car dealership for a dental assistant position, etc...)
  • International application (Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America)
An application will NOT be denied if the applicant has the required education but no experience in the field.

There is no additional charge if you hire a candidate.

There is no expiration date on the packages.

You can use your job posting packages whenever you want.

For example:

Economist packagePost 1 job today, 1 job in 6 months and a 3rd job in 1 year.

Here's how to do it:

Here's how to do it:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer remaining days between several job offers.

You can resume the publication of your post in 1 click!

Featuring your post gives you several advantages.

1- Upgrading in search results. Your job will be displayed above the others regardless of its seniority.

2- Upgrade in the newsletter. Your post will be at the beginning of the weekly newsletter, ensuring maximum visibility.

3- Upgrade to Neuvoo. Your job will get a visibility boost on Neuvoo, increasing your chances of applying.

4- Display at the beginning of the home page. 

The BUMP of a position gives you several advantages.

1- Back to the top of the list in the search results.

2- Back to the top of the list in the weekly newsletter.

3- Back to the home page.

Of course you can! You have access to all your invoices (in PDF) from your dashboard.

Here's how to do it:


Save 15% by using the "Economy" packages.

More details here

You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.

Please note that your orders are processed much faster or even automatically if they are paid by credit cards.

Frequently asked questions - Candidates

Your resume is only accessible to dental clinics that have purchased a recruitment package or posted a job offer.

No one else has access to your profile.

It's easy!

Here's how to do it:

Carrière Dentaire is not a placement agency. It is a job posting and broadcasting service. We do not make referrals.

Our short term replacement platform is now available.
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