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Will a dental technician resume sample help you build a strong resume? With or without work experience, our tips will help you build a Unique and interesting CV that will attract the attention of recruiters.

The profession of prosthetist or dental technician is a medium in demand and with stable growth. Due to the aging population, job prospects in this field are considered excellent. Find out what is the difference between dentist and denturist.

In order to write an eye-catching CV, find out everything there is to know about the profession, job prospects, salary, as well as our sound advice for writing your resume.

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What is a dental technician?

The dental technician is a specialist in prostheses and dental appliances. His or her responsibilities therefore vary greatly from those of a dental assistant or a dentist.

What are the main functions of a dental technician?

The job of a dental technician is mainly focused on the manufacture and repair of prostheses on prescription from a dentist, denturist, or even a doctor. In addition, prosthodontists rarely work with patients. Prosthodontists usually work with dentists, denturists and physicians to design oral appliances that are tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Prosthetists are therefore required to work on the design of prostheses:

  • Complete, partial and removable;
  • Fixed, such as crowns, bridges, pivots, veneers and inlays;
  • On implants, such as crowns, bridges and other removable prostheses;

In some cases, the dental technician could even work on orthodontic appliances.

hand holding a dental bridge to illustrate the functions to help write a resume example for a dental technician

What are the main characteristics of the profession of dental technician?

Education and training to become a dental technician

The completion of a dental prosthesis technique is required to become a dental technician. The job of a dental technician requires a short 3-year training course. Cégep Édouard-Montpetit is the school for prosthetists and offers this program. There are no quotas.

The training of a dental technician does not include an internship in a private laboratory. However, a collaboration between the Cegep and a dentist's office allows students to work on real cases in their last year of study.

Finally, it is mandatory to be part of theorder of dental technicians of Quebec to practice this profession.

Dental Prosthetists and Job Opportunities: Salary, Job Prospects and Placement Rates

Where to practice as a prosthodontist? Here are the places to apply for a job as a dental technician:

  • Commercial dental laboratories;
  • Dental clinics, hospitals, dental or orthodontic centers;
  • Government agencies or dental manufacturing companies;
  • University dental faculties.

The average salary for a dental technician in Canada is of approximately 24 $ per hour or 46,000 $ per year. The employment outlook for the dental technician trade is also excellent and continues to grow with the aging population.

Sample resume for a dental technician: writing

To build a solid resume, we invite you to consult our sample CV for a dental assistant. While there are many differences between these two jobs, this is a great example of a dental technician resume. However, knowing the nuances between these jobs will help you land the job you are really interested in.

In order to help you with your writing, don't hesitate to get inspired with the help of a sample resume for dental technician online. However, don't forget to personalize it so that it represents you effectively.

Now here are some rules to remember for successful resume writing.

1. Check the spelling

A resume full of errors only shows one thing: that you were not interested in putting in the time to polish your presentation. Your resume is your first impression. A dental technician is a job that requires special attention to detail. 

If you don't show this attention in your resume, it will certainly have a negative impact with recruiters.

2. Structure your CV well

A letter of motivation is an added value to your resumeEspecially if you are fresh out of school. The structure of your CV is therefore important. Put the important information at the beginning and make sure that all your relevant information (contact information, former jobs, training, etc.) is visible.

3. Originality of the layout

A unique layout helps you stand out from other potential candidates. Demonstrate your creativity and originality by doing more than "filling in the blanks" of a template found online. Always remember that your resume is your first impression. Showing a bit of your personality is a good way to get recruiters interested.

4. Make sure that your contact information does not contain any errors

One mistake that happens all too often is a mistake in your contact information. It only takes one wrong number in your phone number, or one too many letters in your email, and you won't be contacted. Read it over several times to find these errors and correct them before submitting your resume.

A job platform for the dental field

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