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Employment Dental assistant in Mirabel

Do you know the St-Colomban and St-Canut Dental Health Centers? Yes ? Then you are already well aware of the love and passion this team has for the field of dentistry, the pleasure they have in working together and in offering a unique client experience!

You are not familiar with the St-Colomban and St-Canut Dental Health Centers? Be prepared for a strong desire to join the team when you read on.

First, know that our days are inspired by our mission, which is to "pamper" our patients. How do we do this? By listening to their needs, providing informed answers to their small and large dental health concerns, and by taking a gentle approach that leads to the best possible customer experience. And, as if that weren't enough, did you know that our two dental health centers are on the cutting edge of technology? In fact, we offer digital dental impressions (no more discomfort), our patients have access to chairs with massage options during treatments for maximum relaxation and what about the ceramic restoration (CEREC) allowing access to a complete and very fast treatment process!

Now do you know why we want to meet you? Because, like us, you like to progress, innovate, improve and you wish more than anything else to take up great challenges. Because you too want to have a major impact on customer satisfaction, you are known for your ability to communicate, your empathy, your caring, your knowledge, your skills and your ability to participate in a company culture and atmosphere with a WOW effect!

You know your role as an assistant well, you have acquired training and/or a wealth of experience. Rest assured that with us, you will be able to put to good use ALL that you have learned and continue your professional development at top speed.

At the head of this wonderful company is Dr. Emilie Jolicoeur, our CEO, but also a recognized dental surgeon and a passionate dentist. She is accompanied by her solid team of multidisciplinary dentists, in order to pursue THE DREAM! To build something beautiful for patients, to remain at the forefront... Know that she is also committed to your professional dreams, including that of surrounding yourself with a committed team that believes in reaching the highest levels of success.

Why you...

Because you recognize yourself as your dentist's partner and are a master at making sure that the day's work in the dental office runs smoothly. You are known for your impeccable planning to ensure that everything is in place to provide patients with the best possible experience during curative treatments.

Details of the job offer Dental assistant in Mirabel

Year(s) of experience required: An asset
Qualifications and assets:

Dental assistant training

Full schedule:

L’horaire de travail est de 4 jours / semaine, pour un total de 32 à 40 heures. Pas de soirs ni de fins de semaine.

Social benefits:

Rest assured that with us, you will be able to use your knowledge, your experiences and express your ideas.

Also we offer you :

- A great working atmosphere
- Advantageous conditions
- Daytime schedule only (full time and part time available)
- Access to telemedicine
- An annual salary increase
- Skills development
- Several paid trainings
- Your uniforms provided
- Free dental care after 6 months
- Family dental discounts after 6 months

Date of commencement of employment:
Job Overview
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