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Want to learn more about the dental assistant profession, its advantages and disadvantages? You've come to the right place. Carrière Dentaire is a platform specializing in the dental professions in Quebec.

If you are considering a career in dentistry, become a dental assistant could be a good option for you. Find out more about this profession to find out if this is the career for you.

What is the role of the dental assistant, its advantages and disadvantages?

A dental assistant who assists a dentist in performing an examination

The primary role of the dental assistant is to:

  • The assistance of the dental surgeon during dental procedures
  • Provide support in certain administrative tasks to ensure smooth operations and the proper functioning of the dental clinic
  • Take X-rays and other related tasks to support the dentist

The assistant usually works under the supervision of a dentist and his or her hygienist(s). However, it is possible to find dental employment in a public institution, such as a prison, a nursing home or in private practice. Assistants also have the option of go to specialize in a specific area of dentistry.

Now that we have established its role in the dental center, find out all about thejob as a dental assistantits advantages and disadvantages.

Learn more about the dental assistant profession, its advantages and disadvantages

A patient enjoying an examination by a dentist and his dental assistant

Think you're cut out for a career in the dental field? There are many advantages to go to career in dentistry. Discover the main advantages of being a dental assistant.

A short course of study, a springboard for your career

One of the main advantages of a career in dental assisting is that you can go to your studies quickly and inexpensively. It is one of the best jobs in dentistry to access a stable job without having to invest several years of your life in studying.

For many people, being an assistant is also a good way togain experience professional and practice and to finance their dental studies. A career evolution is also possible depending on the experience acquired.

Flexible working hours in private dental clinics

Working in a private dental practice also means that you work flexible hours. Although a majority of dental clinics are open on traditional 9-5 schedules, some dentists take days off. Others work weekends, or have a more flexible schedule.

Dental assistant, advantages and disadvantages: placement rate, perspective and stability

There are very few disadvantages to this job in terms of prospects, placement and stability. Due to the aging of the population, it is expected that a positive growth in demand for dental assistants. It is therefore a very good choice for those who wish to obtain job stability.

However, with a 67% placement rate in 2017This is not necessarily the easiest job to get in dentistry. However, this rate is affected by the increase in dental assisting studentsIndeed, some decide to continue their studies in dentistry to specialize or to claim a professional evolution.

Proximity to patients

Choosing to pursue a career as a dental assistant has the pros and cons of being a medical support profession. While it is a rewarding career, there are also drawbacks, as in any job in the medical field.

Proximity to patients is both an advantage and a disadvantage. You must then be a social person to become a dental assistant. If you are not comfortable touching strangers, putting your fingers in their mouths or breathing their breath, this job is not for you.

Superior communication skills

The job of a dental assistant has advantages and disadvantages, one of which is the need tohave superior communication skills. As a dental assistant, you work with the public on a daily basis. The majority of your work hours will consist of greeting, preparing patients and supporting the dentist.

To succeed in this profession, you must be emotionally intelligent and be able to calm anxious, uncomfortable and sometimes unpleasant patients.

Carrière Dentaire informs you about the profession of dental assistant, its advantages and disadvantages

A smiling woman following an examination by a dentist and his dental assistant

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