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How should a dental secretary resume be written? If you are interested in becoming a dental secretary, we are happy to help you write an attractive CV for find a job as a dental secretary.

Working in a dental office as a secretary is not limited to welcoming customers and making appointments. A professional dental secretary has many other responsibilities, such as management and administrative duties. In other words, the dental secretary has an important administrative role within the dental office. This position exists to ensure the smooth operation of the practice for everything that does not involve medical procedures.

Find out everything there is to know about the dental secretary job and our tips for building a good resume.

What are the main functions of a dental secretary?

Besides being the first contact between the client and the firm, the work of a dental secretary includes tasks such as:

  • Management of procedures with organizations such as RAMQ and ACDQ;
  • Various types of administrative, management and accounting tasks for the firm;
  • Filling out the various insurance forms;
  • Coordinate the agenda of one or more dentists;
  • Negotiate with various dental specialists and organizations;
  • Be a communication agent between the patient and the dental team, e.g. assisting with form filling, informing the patient about procedures and collecting payments, etc;
  • Work in a fully computerized, paperless environment;
  • Use dental software on a daily basis.

Before submit your CV to a dental office, make sure it reflects your ability to handle a variety of administrative tasks as well as customer service skills.

What are the main characteristics of the dental secretary profession?

When writing a dental secretary resume, it is important to focus on the characteristics that are sought after for this position. As a general rule, the skills sought for a job in dental secretarial work are management and administrative, communication and customer service skills.

However, because the work of a dental secretary varies from office to office, related skills make your resume more attractive to dentists. Here are some examples of skills:

  • Planning and organization;
  • Information gathering;
  • Information management;
  • Clarification;
  • Collaboration, teamwork;
  • Initiative and adaptability;
  • Confidentiality.

These skills add a lot to a resume, especially if you are looking for a job as a dental secretary. If you have taken a dental secretary trainingDo not hesitate to add it to your CV.

As an example of a dental secretary resume, a dental secretary on the phone

How to write a CV for a dental secretary position?

The first rule for writing a good CV is to make sure that it is, as much as possible, free of spelling, syntax and grammar errors. Your CV is the first impression the firm will have of you, so it is crucial that the information you provide is clear and visible.

How employers filter resumes

Dental practice owners are busy people. On average, an employer will spend about 20 to 30 seconds per curriculum. It is therefore necessary to put the information most relevant to the job you want at the beginning of your resume.

A good resume will have a list of previous jobs, a list of tasks for each of these jobs and finally a short list of degrees, certifications, training and skills. If you are at the beginning of your career, we strongly suggest that you opt for a chronological type of resume, especially if your most relevant jobs and skills are the most recent.

How many pages should my CV contain?

For experienced secretaries, choose a mixed type of resume and put forward your professional experiences most related to the job of dental secretary. Be careful not to do not make your CV longer than two pages. Unless you're applying for a job looking for more experience, it's best to stick to the one-page resume.

Dental secretary resume template

There are a lot of dental secretary resume templates on the web, like the one proposed by Monster. This is a great example, but remember that your resume represents you. It is therefore important to personalize it. Don't make the mistake of simply "filling in the blanks" with relevant information.

Your resume is your marketing tool, use it to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. In your introductory paragraph, use humor, if that is your personality. It is important for the employer to get a feel for who you are so they can see if you are compatible with the company's values. Also, write a cover letter for a dental secretary is a good way to put all the chances on your side, so don't hesitate to include it in your resume!

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