How to write a cover letter for a dental hygienist?

By News, Dental hygienist

Writing an original dental hygienist cover letter is a good way to set yourself apart from other applicants. It's your first impression, and your way of demonstrating your originality and accuracy. Although the job of a dental hygienist is different from the job of a dentist, dental hygienists are often called upon to provide oral health care to the public.

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Example of a dental technician resume

By News, Dental Technician

Will a dental technician resume sample help you build a strong resume? With or without work experience, our tips will help you build a unique and interesting resume that will catch the attention of recruiters. The profession of dental technician is a field in demand and with stable growth. Due to the [...]

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Dental hygienist resume sample

Even with little or no experience, writing an interesting dental hygienist resume is not impossible. Work experience isn't the only thing practices look at when they want to find the right person to fill a dental hygienist job. So, how do you build an interesting resume despite a lack of work experience? The first part of [...]

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Sample CV for a dental secretary

By News, Dental secretary

How should a dental secretary resume be written? If you are interested in working as a dental secretary, we are happy to help you write an attractive resume to find a job as a dental secretary. Working in a dentist's office as a secretary is not limited to welcoming clients and taking their orders.

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Sample CV for a dental assistant

By News, Dental assistant

It is important to know how to build a dental assistant resume if you are looking for a job. How do you capture the interest of employers with your resume? First of all, any good resume should be personal and specific to the job you are seeking. Certain important elements therefore add significant weight to your [...]

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How to become a dental secretary

Being a dental secretary is a career that requires a certain level of skill. As a secretary in a dentist's office, your role is to ensure the smooth running of the office for anything that is not related to medical procedures. You will need to be able to coordinate appointments, respond to requests for service, and provide information on the [...]

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How to become a dental assistant?

Education and training to become a dental assistant To become a dental assistant, you must complete a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) in Dental Assisting. The training lasts 1500 hours and is offered during 13 months on a full-time basis in several professional training centers. It also includes 12 weeks of internship. The program includes notions of anatomy, dental hygiene and dental care.

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Carrière Dentaire is now partnered with Google Jobs

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On April 27, 2018 Google launched its Google Jobs referral service in Canada, Google indexes job listings automatically and displays them at the top of the page in its search results. Carrière Dentaire was already partnered with Google Jobs from the first day of operation. Your job offers will be automatically displayed at the top of the page [...]

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